1411, 2022

The Vermouth we wanted with a Nebbiolo base

14 November 2022|

This is a story that began more than 30 years ago. I was eight at the time and as always, I spent a few weeks with my maternal grandmother in her country house in Podio. Podio is a small village on the plain between Bene Vagienna and Monforte, where my grandmother, Maria, was born. The [...]

305, 2022

Sara Vezza: I’d like to tell you about my new project

3 May 2022|

Starting a new brand is always a challenge-a challenge with respect to the outside world to be sure, but also a challenge to oneself. Often it seems that the obstacles and difficulties you come up against are the order of the day. However, I have never had any doubt about what I wanted to do [...]

502, 2021

St. Valentine’s Day wine and tastings

5 February 2021|

Are you looking for an original Valentine's Day present for someone passionate about wine? Here are some simple ideas for you from the Josetta Saffirio cellar. A gift certificate for a tasting for two: it includes a guided tour of the cellar and a winetasting experience Choose the Authentic Experience for a tasting of four [...]

2101, 2021

Animals in the vineyard

21 January 2021|

There is no doubt that the estate's vineyards are the beating heart of my job. Everything begins in the vineyards. The first fruits of my labours and the labours of my co-workers come into being there. And the vineyards need my constant care throughout the year. I have to keep an eye on what they [...]

1611, 2020

How does the weather influence the characteristics of the vintage?

16 November 2020|

That the weather has a direct influence on each year's results is irrefutable. Every winemaker knows that exactly the same wine cannot be made each year, because the weather, unique and unrepeatable, has such an effect. Often I realise that consumers look for a product they can recognise, with a familiar taste. This is just [...]

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